What is themorningafter.tv

Everyone likes a party. And there are lots of different kinds of parties:
Corporate functions, personal events, weddings, fund raisers, political events. Parties are great, but there are two sure things about them,especially when they are good:

  1. They cost a fortune.
  2. The next day there is not a lot to show for all the money spent.

This does not have to be the case any longer. While the party is always going to be over, the impact of it can go on and on. And now, in the most powerful medium in the world.

If you have a really great PR agent, you might get a photographer from the local newspaper to attend your event. You might get a few photos of a select few in the social pages of the paper. This has an impact.

But this used to be only for the rich and famous.
No more.

THEMORNINGAFTER is designed to extend and expand the impact of any event far beyond when the last person goes home.

Some projects: Arcadis | 35 jaar EMR | Staten Generaal | 10 jaar Metro | JCI 2013 | ASAP HR Awards | Bouw Cocktail
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